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About Ty Baird

Ty Baird was the Solid Waste Intern for summer 2016. She graduated from Washington State University, studying Communications with a minor in Business.
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Make Halloween a Treat for the Planet

The Halloween industry brings in around $6 billion each year. With that amount of decorations, costumes, and candy consumption comes a hefty environmental impact. Americans have created a demand for about 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkin per year (our composter…

Out on the Town: Waste Less, Enjoy More

Usually on vacation, or when you’re out to eat with family and friends, the last thing on your mind is trash. You don’t think about what you’re disposing of when you go to a restaurant or the amount of waste…

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The Cure for Wasted Food

Last year I helped organize a campus-wide barbeque at my school, Washington State University. We hired vendors to bring food, but overestimated how much food to order. Even with thousands of students cycling through the food line, we still had…