Greener Dog Grooming

Summers can be a blast for dogs – going to the park, hiking in the mountainsDog - Annie and playing in the backyard. But, as we all know, an active dog can end up being a dirty and smelly dog.

A cool bath can leave your canine friend refreshed, clean and cuddly once again. While it may be tempting to groom your pooch outside, keep in mind that polluted runoff from grooming contains shampoo, flea chemicals, fur and pet waste that can unintentionally pollute our local waterways.

Wash your dog indoors to prevent dirty, sudsy water from running into your local storm drains. If you have to wash him outside, give your dog a bath on your lawn or a gravel area so that the wash water can soak into the ground.

Here are some tips to help you have a clean canine while reducing water use and keeping our waterways clean:

Be Prepared!

Gather your tools before you get started – things like towels, shampoo, comb, brush, etc. – rather than scrambling to find things while you have a wet dog in the tub.


Before you turn on the water, thoroughly brush your canine friend. This not only removes loose fur, mats and dirt, it also helps prevent tangles and conditions their coat by spreading their natural oils. Dispose of the fur and dirt in the trash.


After Fido’s had a good brushing, it’s time to suds him up! Use a gentle, biodegradable soap – it’s good for your dog and for the environment.  (Helpful hint for indoor bathing: put a towel on Fido before he hops out of the tub or you’ll get your own shower when he shakes off the water.)