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two charging stations at Marina Park parking lot

Greener Power for Kirkland’s Fleet and Buildings

You might not know about some of the ways the City of Kirkland is working to reduce climate emissions both at the City and in the Kirkland community. As a founding member city of the King County – Cities Climate…

3d recycling guides at Evergreen Health's cafeteria

26 Things Your Green Team Can *Do*

You have a Green Team at your office, now what? Here are 26 activities that your Green Team could do (and feel free to contact us for help at your Kirkland workplace!): Cut Your Workplace’s Waste Improve recycling at your…

where is your car's leak?

Don’t Drip and Drive

We see them every day on the road while driving to work, while parking the car at the grocery store and just about everywhere else that a vehicle with four wheels can possibly go: stains on the pavement formed from…