Green Home Challenge

Level up your household’s sustainability with the Green Home Challenge

Participate in our email-based challenge to help make your household better for our planet, our community, and you!

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How this year’s Green Home Challenge works

Each week for a month, we’ll send you three options for a small project or quick daily activity to complete at home. Pick the challenge level that’s right for you. Whether you’re just getting started on sustainability or you’re an avid recycler, you can participate in the Green Home Challenge!

pollution prevention iconfood waste iconnatural resources iconwaste iconWhat you’ll do in the Green Home Challenge

Some of the challenge actions you’ll choose from include:

  • hunting down energy vampires in your home
  • sleuthing out how food gets wasted
  • banishing junk mail from your box
  • brewing up a meal plan
  • casting out dangerous cleaning products

Add on optional mini quests to cross off quick wins at home, spot nature in your neighborhood, and explore Kirkland’s natural areas.

Sign up for the 2021 Green Home Challenge here:

Signup form coming soon!


Why should I participate?

  • Take easy steps to make your household more sustainable
  • Learn about simple changes you can make to live greener
  • Choose the actions that make sense for you — pick your challenge level or just do the mini quests!
  • Pitch in to help our community waste less and keep Lake Washington healthy
  • Have fun and celebrate our beautiful city!

What past participants thought of the Green Home Challenge

“It’s been fun to see what small and fairly easy changes we have been able to make so far to become more green.”

“It was helpful to have tasks in writing with suggestions on how to accomplish them! Available resources info was much appreciated!”

“Great ideas and simple steps to make positive changes for the environment :)”