Green Home Challenge

Simplify your home with easy tasks and free tools

Green Home Challenge

In April, we’ll email you twice a week with a few manageable tasks that will make your home simpler, healthier, and greener. We’ll point you to free resources in Kirkland that you can take advantage of year-round. Anyone can complete the actions, whether you rent or own.

Participants can get an “I shop Kirkland” canvas bag

What you’ll do

During the Green Home Challenge, you’ll:

  • Reorganize your fridge to waste less food
  • Get rid of junk mail
  • Declutter your closet
  • Find and fix energy-wasters
  • Set up systems to recycle more

What you’ll get

To support you, we’re offering participants free tools (must pick up at Kirkland City Hall in April during office hours, while supplies last):

  • “I shop Kirkland” canvas reusable bag
  • battery charger and set of rechargeable AA batteries
  • countertop compost pail

Everyone who completes a survey at the end of the Challenge will be entered in a $100 prize drawing for a gift certificate from a Kirkland restaurant.

Take the Green Home Challenge 2.0 this April

We’ve updated the challenge based on participant feedback, and are offering it for the second time this April! Sign up to take the challenge:

What people thought of the first Green Home Challenge

“I’ve really, really enjoyed this green home challenge. I was able to do some of the tasks new to me, nod my head and smile with the ones I’ve already made a part of my home routine, and benefit tremendously by some of the links and tips you’ve found for us.” – Tina

“I really appreciate your efforts and have some new tips to help my wife and me be even better stewards for our home and environment.” – Michael

“It’s been fun to see what small and fairly easy changes we have been able to make so far to become more green.” – Sarah