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About Molly Spiller

Molly Spiller was the Solid Waste Intern during Summer 2015. She graduated from Western Washington University with degrees in Environmental Policy and Spanish.

Adventures of a Summer Intern: The Notion of Less

Last weekend, sitting in my favorite spot, up against the bulkhead in front of the cabin on Hood Canal, I was reflecting on my summer as the Kirkland Solid Waste Intern. Trying again and again to skip rocks (a skill…

Bagged styrofoam for recycling collected in June 2015

Adventures of a Summer Intern: Deciphering StyroFest

STYROFEST… I have been hearing about this colossal event since I started with the City of Kirkland Solid Waste team in June. But not until I experienced the organized chaos myself, did I really understand. The sheer volume of Styrofoam…