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About Ryan-Marie Tuomisto

Ryean-Marie Tuomisto is the Water Quality Program Coordinator for the City of Kirkland. She supports the Spill Response Program and works with residents and businesses on stormwater pollution prevention practices to protect our streams, wetland, and lakes. Outside of work, Ryean-Marie enjoys her amazing two kids and husband and spending time outdoors.
soap from a mobile business entering storm drain

Hiring a Contractor to Help Around the House?

Are you thinking about hiring a mobile business or contractor to help around your home or yard this summer or fall? Maybe to spruce up the house with a new coat of paint, put in a concrete driveway, clean your…

soap suds washing into Lake Washington

Storm Drains are for Stormwater Only

The number one cause of pollution in Washington waters is stormwater runoff. As rainwater flows into the nearest grated storm drain, it picks up pollutants such as fertilizers, dirt and leaves, pet waste, soaps, vehicle fluids, and litter. This now…