About Kirkland Conserves

We share green tips, news, and events for Kirkland, Washington, residents and businesses. Many departments at the City of Kirkland are involved in environmental work, so we teamed up to make it easy for Kirklanders to learn about green topics. The Kirkland Conserves blog is run by the Solid Waste and Surface Water divisions – in plain talk, that means our focus is recycling and keeping water clean – but we also like to share about other neat environmental programs in Kirkland.

Our Team

John, Jenna, and Tracy write from the recycling and waste reduction perspective, and Betsy represents surface water. We also welcome guest bloggers from other departments that fall under the Kirkland Green umbrella, as well as community members like Seattle Tilth.

More Places to Find Us

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Get In Touch

Reach our Recycling Hotline at recycle@kirklandwa.gov or (425) 587-3812. We can answer your wildest recycling questions (we dare you: stump us!), fill you in on upcoming recycling events, and take your awesome ideas for recycling improvements in Kirkland.

Contact our Surface Water team at stormwater@kirklandwa.gov with questions about dealing with drainage, keeping water clean, and protecting our watersheds.

We’re here to serve you! Dying to get more Kirkland-specific information, or have a topic you’d love to learn about? Let us know! Contact Tracy at the Recycling Hotline.

Team Up with Us

Help keep Kirkland’s water (and watersheds) clean and healthy by volunteering with our Surface Water team to tag storm drains.

Other great volunteering ideas? Interested in guest blogging? Ask for Tracy at the Recycling Hotline.