Yard Smart Rain Rewards

Do you live in the Juanita Creek watershed?

Are any of your roof’s downspouts connected to Kirkland’s stormwater system? 

If you answered “yes” to both of these 2 questions, then your property may be eligible for the Yard Smart Rain Rewards program.

Connected downspout

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What is Yard Smart Rain Rewards?

The City of Kirkland launched Yard Smart Rain Rewards as a way to partner with homeowners in the Juanita Creek watershed to manage rain water and stormwater runoff.  We offer free yard design advice as well as a rebate to help you transform your yard into a healthy and beautiful space that also protects our local creeks and lakes from excess stormwater runoff.

Program participants receive a free bag of compost AND can qualify for a rebate to install rain gardens, permeable pavement, cisterns, downspout planters and conservation landscaping.  Rebates are also available to remove hard surfaces like pavement, disconnect downspouts, add soil amendments to your yard, and plant trees. Rebates will cover 75% of eligible installation costs at any one property (up to $4,000).

How does the program work?

  1. Determine your property’s eligibility for Yard Smart Rain Rewards.
  2. If your property is eligible, meet us for an on-site consultation that

    Disconnected downspout

    works with your schedule. At the consultation, we will walk your property with you, determine which projects work for your site, and discuss the benefits of each project.

  3. Install a recommended project on your property.
  4. Submit paperwork to receive a 75% rebate for project installation costs (up to $4,000).

Benefits of participating:

  • Get a free bag of compost at your consultation
  • Get free garden design advice and guidance on managing rain water in your yard
  • Qualify for a rebate of up to $4,000 to green your yard while protecting Juanita Creek and neighboring waterways


Visit the Yard Smart Rain Rewards registration page to confirm your eligibility.

Yard Smart Rain Rewards: Sign up to help protects Kirkland’s beautiful Juanita Creek watershed!

This program is funded by the King County Wastewater Treatment Division