Hiring a Contractor to Help Around the House?

soap from a mobile business entering storm drainAre you thinking about hiring a mobile business or contractor to help around your home or yard this summer or fall? Maybe to spruce up the house with a new coat of paint, put in a concrete driveway, clean your carpets, or tidy up your yard? If you do, please remind your contractor to dispose of chemicals and the wash water properly and to NOT to pour onto the street or into the nearest storm drain.

Storm drains are the grated structures on your street and parking lot that collect rain water to help prevent flooding.  It is important the pollutants such as vehicle fluids, paint, and soaps (including bio-degradable) are not washed into a storm drain. Anything that is washed or poured into a drain flows directly out into the nearest wetland, stream, or lake without any treatment.  Not only is that bad for the animals that live in the water and us people that play in the water, it is also a violation of the City of Kirkland Stormwater Code (KMC 15.52).

Mobile businesses often use chemicals and produce wash water that needs to be disposed of properly. Mobile businesses and construction activities generate the most cases of reported pollution flowing into our waterways.

Before you sign a contract, make sure you’re an informed consumer, and ask:

  • Where does your wash water go? Is it washed onto the street and into a storm drain?
  • How do you get rid of your waste chemicals?

Got questions about proper mobile business practices? Contact Ryean-Marie Tuomisto at (425) 587-3861 or Rtuomisto@kirklandwa.gov.