Earth Day is Every Day – get involved to protect Kirkland’s environment year-round

earth from spaceYou have probably been inundated with tons of reminders about Earth Day from news, your social media feed, or your local community bulletin boards. Earth Day is a good reminder for a call to action on protection and conservation. But as human beings living on this planet we call home, we need to care about the environment every day and year-round.

Probably some of you have already contributed by taking actions at home – carefully sorting your waste, conserving water by taking a shorter shower, purchasing and using fewer chemicals, or even considering replacing your conventional fuel-powered car with an electric one. These are certainly good for the environment – but getting involved in the community can expand your environmental impact and help others learn to be green. If you’re already involved, keep doing it – five stars! If you are wondering how and where to help, check out our list of environmental volunteer opportunities in Kirkland.

One-Time Volunteer Opportunities

  • volunteer marking storm drains

    Volunteer marking a storm drain

    Green Kirkland Partnership restoration events. Take care of Kirkland’s forests and streamside habitat. Projects occur at parks around the city year-round, with opportunities on weekends and weekdays. (City of Kirkland)

  • Storm drain marking. (PDF) The City needs volunteers to place markers next to storm drains to remind people to put “Only Rain Down the Drain.” This activity is best for the late spring and summer. (City of Kirkland)
  • Bike Everywhere Day tabling. Want to meet other bike-lovers? The City needs volunteers to table at Bike Everywhere Day. (Cascade Bicycle Club and City of Kirkland)
  • WSDOT bike and pedestrian count. Every fall, WSDOT collects bicycle and pedestrian usage data in cities throughout the state to inform transportation planning. Kirkland is one of the State’s focus cities. WSDOT and Cascade Bicycle Club enlist volunteers to collect the numbers of people biking and walking on trails, bike lanes, sidewalks and other facilities.
Cotton Hill Park Steward directing volunteers

Cotton Hill Park Steward, Karen Story, directing a volunteers during a wet volunteer event.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved with Local Organizations

  • Kirkland Greenways. If you enjoy jogging, walking, or taking your kids or dogs for fun along the streets, Kirkland Greenways has on-going volunteer opportunities for people who want to make our neighborhood streets quiet and safe.
  • Eastside Audubon. You don’t have to be a pro birder to help our local Audubon group!
  • Seattle Tilth at McAuliffe Park. Join Seattle Tilth at the Learning Garden at McAuliffe Park for drop-in work parties to help prepare the garden for a productive growing season. The Learning Garden teaches Kirklanders how to garden with sustainable practices. Work parties happen on Thursdays from April through September.

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