26 Things Your Green Team Can *Do*

3d recycling guides at Evergreen Health's cafeteria

Evergreen Health’s Green Team organized the creation of 3D recycling and composting guides for their cafeteria

You have a Green Team at your office, now what? Here are 26 activities that your Green Team could do (and feel free to contact us for help at your Kirkland workplace!):

Cut Your Workplace’s Waste

  1. Improve recycling at your work – implement new programs, improve recycling facilities, and teach your coworkers
  2. Make meetings less wasteful by encouraging people to change their behavior
  3. Improve office supply selection – coordinate with purchasing staff to choose greener options
  4. Work with IT to coordinate electronics recycling, double-sided printing defaults, screensavers, and turning off computers at the end of the day
  5. Set up collection stations for recyclables that can’t go in your curbside bin
  6. City Hall staff wash their reusable dishes instead of using disposable ones.

    City Hall staff wash their reusable dishes instead of using disposable ones.

    Start composting at your workplace (it’s free!)

  7. Pitch in at office parties and events to make sure that recycling is available, or even compostable plates and cups
  8. Work with management to reduce waste in your break room

Help Coworkers Get to Work without their Car

  1. Organize a Bike Month team
  2. Work with management to promote flex schedules and telecommuting
  3. Encourage management to provide bus passes or bike reimbursement
  4. Get bike racks or electric charging stations installed at your office
  5. Coordinate office carpooling by connecting people who live in the same neighborhood

Find tools to accomplish these on Kirkland Green Trip.

commercial landscapeMake Sure Your Office Doesn’t Pollute

  1. Add a (City-provided) Puget Sound Starts Here tag to parking lot drains
  2. Work with your building’s landscaping company to have them use natural yard care techniques (pdf)
  3. Get a spill kit from the City to be prepared for accidents
  4. Ensure chemicals at your workplace are stored properly (not sure if you have hazardous waste?)
  5. If your workplace generates a lot of hazardous waste, consider getting certified as an EnviroStars business

Host or Sponsor Sustainability Events

  1. Active landfill cell at Cedar Hills in front of Mount Rainier.

    A working cell at the landfill.

    Organize an Earth Day Fair for your coworkers

  2. Organize a staff volunteer event or coordinate your business sponsoring a volunteer restoration event with Green Kirkland Partnership
  3. Coordinate a staff field trip to the Cedar Hills Landfill, Cascade Recycling Center, or Cedar Grove Compost
  4. Host a third-party electronics recycling event for your coworkers
  5. Organize and host a community recycling collection event
  6. Coordinate a recycling brown bag / Q&A session for your coworkers – we can come give a 15-minute talk!

Connect with the Green Community

  1. Organize a tour of your business’ green improvements for other eastside businesses
  2. Host a networking event with green teams from other eastside businesses
  3. Team with other local businesses to form a Green Energy District

Do you have a successful Green Team at your workplace? What other things have you done?