Dino Coffee?

A little plastic dinosaur hanging out next to a coffee pot and mugHere’s a “mind-blowing” thought for you… water is OLD. The water that you used to brew your morning cup of coffee – or that you might be sipping right now – could possibly be the same water that a dinosaur drank from a lake millions of years ago.

Very little water is being created on our planet. Instead, our supply of water has been continuously moving around and around in the “water cycle” for millions of years, changing from one form to another… from water moving in ocean currents, to water vapor in the clouds, to water falling from the sky as rain, to water flowing in a creek, and so on.

No matter our address, we live in the middle of this continuous cycle. As water hits the roofs of our houses, flows down our streets and into our creeks, it continues to move through the endless loop of the water cycle.