Don’t forget the GREEN at your Seahawks party!

Kirkland staff dressed in Seahawks green and blue for Thank God It's Blue Friday

Showing our Seahawks spirit at Kirkland City Hall

Show your Seahawks spirit at your game day party – go green with these party tips for setup, picking your drinks, and eco-friendly chow:

Setting Up the Party

  • Watch with friends! You’ll save a little energy if you’re gathered around one TV instead of three or four.
  • Choose reusable or recyclable decorations – you know you’ll need that Seahawks gear again next year! Skip balloons and streamers – make a string of bunting flags out of felt or construction paper instead (and save it for next year). Pick up a fabric tablecloth instead of plastic. Show your team spirit with green and blue facepaint, not plastic necklaces.
  • Set up a three-bin trash station with signs for your guests – make your cleanup easy by having bins for trash, recycling, and compost.

Go Big with Your Drinks

  • Buy beer in reusable growlers instead of purchasing cans and bottles. Several shops and bars around Kirkland fill growlers. You can pick them up a couple days in advance, just keep them cold and don’t open them until game day. A growler holds 5 – 12oz pours, so you might need a couple! (Or if it’s a big shindig, get a keg! Sure, you can blame us.)
  • Instead of single-serving soda cans, get 2-liter bottles and use real cups. Or if you go red Solo, be sure to recycle the cups!

Snack Smart

  • Buy food in bulk to cut back on packaging – pick one oversize tray instead of two or three small ones, and one huge bag of chips instead of several. You could even pick up snack mixes at bulk sections of local grocery stores.
  • Making food at home instead of ordering takeout can save a lot of trash. Be sure to recycle the packaging you do bring home – plastic tubs (like dip containers) and plastic clamshells (like cupcake trays) are recyclable.
  • Use your real plates if possible, or get compostable disposable plates. Plain paper plates like Chinet brand can go in your compost. (So can paper napkins.)
  • Compost leftovers you can’t eat, don’t throw them in the garbage. Even chicken bones and pizza boxes are compostable!
  • Tell your guests to bring Tupperware to take home anything that’s left. (You know that pizza will be great the next day for lunch.)

Getting There on Game Day

  • Encourage your guests to carpool. Then only one person has to be the DD!
  • Going to a friend’s house to watch? Earn all those snacks by walking or biking. Or take the bus or carpool so you don’t have to worry about how much you drink.