Introducing Kirkland Green Trip!

Kirkland Green Trip logoHave you heard? Members of your community are taking a pledge to green up their travel and commute! Kirkland’s premier alternative mode resource has long been the Totem Lake Green Trip (TGT) program, but it’s now expanding city-wide. The expanded program is now called Kirkland Green Trip (KGT). This means more travelers and commuters in the network with more resources available for everyone!

The KGT program is a resource and tool for all your green traveling needs. Whether you’re looking for a bus route to work, looking for a bike route for a weekend excursion, or searching for a carpool partner, we’ve got you covered.

Who Qualifies for Kirkland Green Trip?

 Anyone who lives or works in the Kirkland city limits. Those who were previously a part of the Totem Lake Green Trip program are automatically a part of the KGT program – no need to create a new account. You are eligible for both TGT and KGT rewards and incentives.

What Rewards are Available?

screenshot of Kirkland Green Trip websiteKGT Monthly Drawing

Log at least eight days of alternative travel in the calendar month (that’s only two days a week!) and you could be eligible to win one of two $50* rewards. Keep it up!

KGT Keep it Green

Log at least eight days of commuting to or from a Kirkland address by bus, bike, walk, carpool or vanpool in your Kirkland Green Trip account and you could be eligible for one of 25 $25 rewards* drawn each month!

Greener Communities in Motion

Kirkland Green Trip is participating in a region-wide campaign called Greener Communities in Motion. This campaign involves a pledge to change drive-alone trips to greener trips whether the trip is to work, for shopping or for play! Pledgers will also be asked to take a short survey to help us collect data about the travel behavior of those using the I-405 corridor.

Totem Lake Green Trip Rewards

Through the legacy TGT program, KGT can also provide grants to Totem Lake employers to help them create an incentive program. Check with your employer, or encourage them to apply for a grant.

Other Incentives

From time to time, programs like Wheel Options and others offer commute incentives or prize promotions. Once you sign up, keep a look out for new incentives announcements on your home page.

When Can I Start?

You can start right now! Log on or sign up today to take advantage of the perks of greener traveling!  Check out the Kirkland Green Trip website for details on the Greener Communities in Motion rewards and Totem Lake Green Trip rewards.

*Rewards only available while supplies last.