Waste Reduction at Work: Being PENtastic

Pen RecyclingWhen was the last time you broke into tears at work because the office ran out of pens? Exactly. Pens seem to be in unlimited supply in offices even though most of us have lost our penmanship eons ago.

Unfortunately, pens aren’t easily recyclable and many of them end up in the landfill sooner or later. Imagine all that plastic that will never break down…ever.

But before you start hunting down some quills, try these PENtastic suggestions to help your office be a little more Earth-friendly:

1. Reduce the number of pens bought in your office.

Instead of buying ballpoint stick pens by the bulk because they’re cheap, ask employees what type/brand of pens they prefer to use. Not only will they actually use the pens they prefer, they’re probably going to hold on to those pens and make sure they don’t lose them, saving money (and the environment) in the long run.

2. Try refillable pens.

We don’t toss printers when they run out of ink, so why toss a perfectly good pen in the trash when they don’t write anymore? Mechanical pencils are awesome for their refillable characteristic as well.

3. Buy pens with recycled content.

At our outreach events, we give away pens that are made from denim, money, and tires. Using items made from recycled content means less non-renewable oil going into making our writing instruments.

4. Drop off your pens at City Hall.

We participate in Terracycle’s program through our office supply provider.

5. Send your pens to The Pen Guy.

Yes, he’ll take your unwanted/dead pens and make art with them. Since shipping many pens can get heavy, opt for ground shipping when shipping your writing instruments to him.