Gifts: What Really Matters

The holidays bring cheer, cookies and glowing lights, but can also bring anxiety and stress when thinking about gift giving. What are you going to do for your co-workers? What about your neighbor? You can’t forget about Aunt Janie…

Homemade Coupon book

You don’t have to break the bank or fight lines at big box stores. Here are some easy and affordable ideas to bring friends and family joy this holiday season. Give the gift of experience.

  • Concert or movie tickets
  • Create date cards for your partner
  • Plan time at the zoo
  • A picnic or a hike
  • A great home-cooked meal
  • Run errands or clean someone’s house
  • Do their hobby with them
  • Create personalized coupons with this template
  • Donate to a charity in their name

King County has put together a nice summary of ways to reduce waste over the holidays from creating eye glass holders with toilet paper rolls to making tree ornaments with broken CDs. Find more ideas and a calendar for simplifying the holidays at American Dream, and make a pledge to simplify your holidays! Make your gift-giving fun and memorable. Give your thoughtful time!