No, That’s Not Snow…

Styrofest-Guide-facebook-adYou thought you were just getting a new TV did you…you didn’t read the fine print about getting huge pieces of difficult to recycle white foam blocks too? According to King County Solid Waste, each year, residents and businesses in King County throw away 4,000 tons of expanded polystyrene (EPS) (by volume)and it takes around 500 years for polystyrene to breakdown in the landfill. Want to stop the madness?  Well, it is your lucky day. The City of Kirkland is hosting StyroFest, a series of collection events aimed to help you recycle all those difficult packing materials.

Kirkland residents will be able to drop off plastic foam and packing materials at the City’s Public Works Maintenance Center located at 915 8th Street during designated Saturdays.  Clean, white, and dry plastic foam will be accepted (including clean cups and food containers). Additionally, foam (all shapes and sizes), plastic film, bubble wrap, and grocery bags will be accepted. Sorry folks – packing peanuts will not be accepted.

See all of our guidelines and our 2016 StyroFest dates (pdf).