Watch Your Waste!

A sign that says "I got cart smart and lost 1200 gallons this year. You can too!"Everyone’s heard the phrase, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, but how many of us actually incorporate this into our daily lives? Sure, Northwesterners are known for their commitment to recycling, but we can go further with our waste reduction! Challenge yourself to really “watch” your waste—just what are you throwing away?  Here are some tips on reducing your waste, just stick to the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”:

Reduce Waste at Its Source!

There are some easy items to start with- replace disposable grocery bags with reusable ones, opt out of junk mail, or bring reusable coffee mugs. Question yourself when you shop. Do you really need this item? Think through the resources it takes to manufacture and to dispose/recycle of this item and I will bet you will find opportunity to cut unnecessary items out of your life. Maybe that extra unnecessary t-shirt is less appealing when you think of the energy, water and resources that go into creating it.

Think Different: Reuse

Change the way you think about items. Many of us have become so accustomed to a culture of disposability, but our things have value and many are durable enough to reuse over and over again! Can you or someone else reuse the item?


Sometimes there just isn’t another option than buying something in disposable packaging and that’s OK! Try to purchase items you know you can recycle and then recycle them! Check Kirkland’s recycling guide to see a list of accepted materials.

If you truly start thinking this way, you will be amazed at how quickly this new thought process becomes habit! Are YOU up for the challenge?