Don’t Drip and Drive

Oil on pavementAh, parking lot rainbows – those shining arcs and swirls of purples, greens and blues that appear in our parking spaces after a rain storm. They are so colorful, so beautiful, so… toxic!

These rainbows form from drips and leaks of oil escaping from our vehicles. Although they may look totally harmless, these drips and leaks add up to millions of quarts of motor oil being released into our creeks, rivers, lakes and Puget Sound each year.

This oil doesn’t dissolve in water. It lasts a long time and sticks to everything from beach sand to bird feathers. Oil and other petroleum products are toxic to people, wildlife and plants. Oil that leaks from our cars onto roads and driveways is washed into storm drains, and then usually flows directly to a lake or stream.

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